10 ways to reduce fleet costs for your transportation business

Date: 14/04/2022


Reduce fleet costs and give your company’s finances a boost. Taking the time to develop a strategy for the management of your fleet is advantageous. From training your drivers to upgrading your vehicles, there are plenty of strategies you can use to reduce fleet costs. Find durable vehicles for sale on Truck & Trailer and upgrade your fleet today.


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1. Upgrade your fleet

Older vehicles have higher maintenance and repair costs, and increased downtime also strains your company budget. These vehicles compromise the performance of your fleet and use more fuel. Create a vehicle replacement plan for your company by taking an inventory of your fleet and establishing the most effective time to replace your trucks. While upgrading your fleet requires an investment of capital, it can save you time and money in the long run.

2. Promote good driving habits

Driving style has an impact on the fuel costs of your fleet. You can save money by encouraging fuel-efficient driving habits. Changing gears early and slowing down contributes to improved fuel economy. Drivers should check the tyre pressure of their vehicles regularly. The incorrect tyre pressure has a significant impact on fuel expenses.

3. Get the size right

Determine which vehicles are essential to your company’s daily operations. Carefully assess each vehicle to decide whether you need it or not. Specialised models that are used infrequently can be sold to reduce the maintenance and fuel expenses of your fleet. Start by establishing the main vehicle classifications in your fleet then work out their average annual usage. Next, you’ll need to identify when specialised models are required and assess how important each vehicle is. Reviewing how often each vehicle is used is also important.

4. Improve safety

Reduce fleet costs and protect your employees by upholding high safety standards. Accidents cause expensive damage to vehicles and put your staff at risk. Downtime also cuts into the profit of your business. Choose models with advanced safety features and keep vehicles well maintained. Advanced training also helps drivers to stay safe on the roads.

5. Plan trips and routes

Use software to determine the best route for each vehicle in your fleet. Reducing the mileage your vehicles cover promotes fuel economy and decreases wear and tear. Knowing the areas where there is heavy traffic is also beneficial. Proper route planning and a GPS system help to ensure that your drivers stay on track to avoid the additional expenses that getting lost incurs.

6. Dispose of vehicles effectively

Make the most out of selling your vehicles by finding a buyer as soon as possible. Advertise online to connect to buyers across South Africa. Get the vehicle ready by cleaning it and gathering the necessary documentation. Potential buyers will want to see the vehicle’s manuals as well as its service history.

7. Centralise fleet management

Save money by centralising the management of your fleet. This ensures that the fleet is managed holistically and allows processes to be standardised for maximum efficiency. Sharing tools and technicians offer improved flexibility.

8. Oversee maintenance

More expensive maintenance tasks should require authorisation first. Check the quality of maintenance work and review invoices to check that they’re accurate. Set up a service schedule to prevent bigger problems with your vehicles that cost more to fix.

9. Review cost of ownership

Invest in vehicles that have a low cost of ownership. While the purchase price of a vehicle is an important consideration, the whole-life expenses of different models should also be compared. Fuel economy, maintenance expenses, and the availability of parts should be factored into your decision.

10. Plan where to refuel

The cost of fuel varies according to location and the amount of competition in the area. Train your drivers to plan where to refuel so they make the most of cheaper prices. Emergency refuelling can result in higher fuel costs at more expensive service stations.


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Now that you know how to reduce fleet costs, you can optimise the efficiency of your company. Upgrade your fleet by finding affordable vehicles for sale on Truck & Trailer.

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