Lowbed trailers are designed to offer an abnormal load transport solution that is both convenient and safe. These trailers are designed to accommodate specialised loads without creating a hazard on the roads. A variety of models to choose from makes it easy to find a model that matches your requirements. These trailers play a vital role in the abnormal transport industry. You can find lowbed trailers for sale on Truck & Trailer.


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What are lowbed trailers?

Lowbed trailers have low decks which can accommodate tall cargo without exceeding legal road restrictions. They are well-suited for the transportation of heavy equipment, such as bulldozers. They can also be used to move industrial equipment from one location to another. The capabilities of these trailers allow them to play an important part in the abnormal transport industry.


The first lowbed trailer was built in the 1920’s and it was equipped with a riveted gooseneck. Another defining feature of these trailers was their solid rubber tyres. A variation on its design, which included a detachable gooseneck, was introduced in 1958. Since then cutting-edge technology has been used to offer buyers a range of useful variations.

Types of lowbed trailers

If you’re looking for an abnormal load transport trailer, there are plenty of variations to choose from. One option is a fixed gooseneck trailer, which boasts an increased deck length. These trailers feature a lightweight design, which is also advantageous. While these variations have a lower height than usual, they don’t fall into the category of lowbed trailers. They generally have drop ramps at the back to make loading more convenient.

Another defining characteristic of these trailers is their low-profile tyres. Fixed-neck models are lightweight but they offer reduced convenience and flexibility when it comes to loading. If you’re looking for efficient and easy operation, then the hydraulic detachable gooseneck is worth your consideration. Its versatility sets it apart from other variations. These trailers also offer increased safety. The downside is that these models are heavier and the length of their deck is reduced. Mechanically detachable gooseneck trailers are suitable for the abnormal transport of specialised loads. The downside is that these variations are more difficult to use. With a mechanical folding gooseneck, you’ll have the advantage of being able to lower the deck to ground level for more convenient loading.


Lowbed trailers are constructed to handle the tough conditions that come with abnormal load transport. These trailers are available in a range of specifications in accordance with your transportation needs. The variation you choose will depend on the weight of the loads that are being transported as well as your loading preferences. Both front-loading and step-deck variations are available.

Abnormal load transport

Legal limits on the size and weight of loads restrict the transportation of specialised loads on the road must be adhered to. The reduced height and design of lowbed trailers provide a solution to abnormal load transport. It is important to check the regulations of the area that you are operating in to prevent creating a hazard to other road users.

Now that you know more about lowbed trailers, you can find lowbed trailers for sale on Truck & Trailer. They enhance the efficiency and safety of your business operations, which makes them a worthwhile investment.

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