Need to expand your truck fleet? You can save money by purchasing used trucks for sale in South Africa. With the vast range of brands and used trucks for sale, you can find models that suit your company’s requirements. Making an informed decision will ensure that you get the right truck for the job.


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There are many aspects to consider when buying a used truck. Size, cab design, safety and price all need to be taken into account. The first step to purchasing a truck is reviewing truck advertisements to see what models are available on the market. It is important to assess your company’s transportation needs and budget before making a decision. Choosing the right truck will help to save your company transportation hassles in the future.

The size of the truck that you buy will depend on your budget and the amount of goods that you need to transport. The cab design should be taken into account. If you are transporting goods and do not require space in the truck for passengers, then a regular cab will be sufficient. The price of the truck that you buy will depend on what you can afford, but it is important to buy a truck that is in good condition to avoid future repair costs. Buying a truck that has a good fuel economy and is cheap to repair will also reduce expenditure in the long run. Safety is an essential consideration for both your driver and goods. Models are available with airbags and good quality seatbelts.

There are a wide range of brands available in South Africa. When you are looking at trucks for sale it is important to choose a brand that best suits your company’s needs. In accordance with their slogan “Trucks you can trust” Mercedes Benz manufactures powerful and reliable trucks. The manufacturer’s reputation for outstanding quality makes buying a used Mercedes Benz truck a viable option. The latest models, such as the Actros, offer an economic fuel consumption and superior performance. Mercedes Benz South Africa was nominated for six categories and won four awards at the Truck X Conference and Awards.

Hino is a Toyota group company which is committed to providing quality transport solutions. The Dyna is ideal for city transportation and it has excellent handling capabilities. The Hino 700 series uses tried and tested technology to provide companies with reliable transportation solutions. Hino uses innovative technology to produce trucks that have good fuel economy.

True to their slogan “With You for the Long Run” Isuzu produces durable trucks and you can find good quality second hand Isuzu trucks for sale. Isuzu is committed to after-sales support and the company offers good customer service. The F-Series Isuzu Trucks are heavy commercial vehicles and there are 16 models available in this series. These trucks offer excellent safety features and are economical to run.

Tata Motors Limited was founded in 1945 and since then the automobile company has become well-known on the international market. Tata operations in South Africa began in 1994. Tata trucks offer excellent carrying capacity, speed and reliability. Models such as the LPT 1918 and the K5DEF 6×4 are sold by Tata.

With reliable brands to choose from, it is easy to find a solution to your transportation requirements. By choosing the right vehicle you can increase profits and reduce unnecessary costs.

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