Are you looking for a cattle trailer for sale? Cattle trailers are a valuable asset for livestock farmers. If you need to transport livestock, investing in a cattle trailer is a great option. These trailers are specially designed to cater to livestock. It is important to use the right kind of trailer when you are transporting livestock. This helps to keep the cattle safe. Transporting cattle incorrectly can be dangerous for the driver and cattle as well as other motorists. Choosing the right trailer manufacturer is also vital. Here is additional information on quality cattle trailers for sale in South Africa.


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A Quick Look at SA Truck Bodies

SA Truck Bodies was founded in 1980. The company is dedicated to manufacturing trailers that meet the needs of the local market. When the company first started they focused on developing truck trailers that catered to the needs of the farming community. With dedication and perseverance the company expanded into the commercial sector. After 33 years in the industry this company is the leading trailer and allied product manufacturer in the country. With so many reasons to choose this brand when it comes to truck trailers for sale, it is easy to see why they are a popular option.

As a leading manufacturer of truck trailers in South Africa, SA Truck bodies offer durable and trustworthy models. It is important to purchase a good quality trailer as this will decrease maintenance and operational costs. Good quality trailers, also have a better resale value. If you are looking for a used trailer for sale buying from a reputable brand is recommended. Durable used truck trailer offer great value-for money. With a range of trailers for sale you can choose one that best meets your requirements. Whether you are transporting livestock over short distances or across the country these trailers offer an excellent performance. Another important consideration when you are choosing a trailer is their maintenance and operational costs. Trailers that have a strong but lightweight frame use less petrol than poorly designed models.

If you are looking for cattle trailers for sale, the CattleMaster Interlink is a great buy. Manufactured by SA truck bodies this model is designed to get the job done. It has a truck tare of 9500 kgs, trailer tare of 14900 kgs and legal payload of 31630 kgs. The payload plus 2% of GCM is 32750 kgs. Here is an overview of the specifications for this model.

Specifications for the CattleMaster Interlink Trailer

Another reliable Cattle trailer for sale from this manufacturer is the CattleMaster Semi. It has a Truck Tare of 9500kgs, trailer tare of 10600 kgs and legal payload of 27000 kgs. The payload plus 2% of GCM is 27990 kgs. Here is an overview of this model’s specifications.

Specifications for the CattleMaster Semi Trailer

Now that you know more about cattle trailers for sale, you can pick a model that best suits your requirements. A cattle trailer can be a great asset to your business if you choose the right model. Ready to find a great deal on a cattle trailer for sale? Browse through Truck and Trailer’s online collection of classified ads.


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