How a Combine Harvester Works

Date: 03/05/2022

Harvesting Equipment

If you are working in the agricultural sector a combine harvester can help to increase the productivity of your business. It is important to choose a durable machine from a reliable brand to avoid the hassle and cost of repairs. The John Deere harvester is a suitable option as it offers excellent performance. When it comes to finding a Harvester for sale South Africa has a range of top quality brands available on the local market. Finding a used combine harvesters for sale is a cost-effective way to maximise the economic potential of your agricultural work. A combine is a valuable piece of farm equipment for agricultural workers across the globe. You can buy or sell a combine harvester on Truck and Trailer.


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What is a combine harvester used for?

A combine harvester is used to harvest grain crops. The benefit of owning a combine harvester is that it completes reaping, threshing and winnowing all in one process. It can be used to harvest a wide range of crops including barley, sorghum and flax. It can also be used to harvest wheat and oats. The straw which is left behind is suitable for livestock. Owning a combine harvester helps to save time by decreasing the amount of labour which is required for harvesting. It boosts the profits of farmers by offering a cost-effective method of harvesting.

How does a combine harvester work ?

Combines have removable heads which are changed depending on what crop is being harvested. This means that once you purchase a combine you can use it to harvest a variety of crops. The standard header is suitable for harvesting grain. It works with a knife cutter bar which slices the crop so that it lands up in the auger. If you are harvesting soybeans you will need a flex platform which has a more dynamic cutter bar so that it can slice soybeans which are low down on the plant. The flex head has a wider application as it can also be used to harvest cereal crops. Draper headers increase productivity while decreasing power requirements. Platform headers are preferred by many farmers as a more economical option. Once the crop has been cut, it is fed up the feeder house where a rotating drum separates the grains. The grains are separated from the straw which lands up in the straw walkers. Once the grain and straw have been separated, the grain goes through to the shoe which is equipped with the chaffer and sieves.


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Continuously variable transmissions are used on some combines. This technology enables the ground speed of the combine to be altered while regulating the threshing speed. This is an important feature as typically the machine is operating at its optimum threshing speed for the crops that are being harvested. Modern combines typically have hydrostatic drives which allow the driver variable ground speed control.

Now that you know more about how a combine harvester can benefit your business, consider finding a used combine harvester for sale on Truck and Trailer. Choosing to buy from a reputable brand such as John Deere or Claas will ensure that you get the best value for your money. With a range of combine harvesters on the market, it is easy to find a machine that suits the unique requirements of your business.

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