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Truck trailers come in a wide range of applications and are all designed to perform specific transport tasks.

From flatdecks to tippers, dropsides, tautliners, truck trailers help us move materials and machinery around the country and are essential for the transportation and movement of goods and products.

Buy & Sell used Truck Trailers on Truck & Trailer

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As the leading commercial marketplace, Truck & Trailer has an extensive variety of truck trailers for sale and boasts a category list that covers 99% of every type of truck trailer manufactured.

When it comes to buying or selling a used truck trailer, buyers and sellers should consider the following general points in their decision-making process and advert listings.

How to Buy a used Truck Trailer?

As a buyer, it's good to establish why the trailer is being sold. Try to get an understanding of its working past and how long it has been in use.

  1. Understand its maintenance history and roadworthiness to ensure that it's in a solid working condition.
  2. Inquire about prior accident history, or ask if the trailer has had any previous damage or mechanical work done to it. This could eliminate any unwanted surprises later on.
  3. Consider if any major parts need immediate replacing, what they might cost, and also if they are easily sourced. South Africa has a host of top truck trailer manufacturers so spares should not be a problem to find and you can locate a wide range of trailer spares and service providers on Truck & Trailer too.

What to consider when buying a used truck trailer

When inspecting the trailer, make sure to check out these key features:

  • Inspect the existing main chassis beams and the overall structure of the unit. Although cosmetic damage can mostly be overlooked, make sure to check for any signs of damage on the trailer.
  • Check joints to ensure that the welds are good and that the structure of the trailer is sound.
  • Depending on the trailer type, make sure to check out things like the floors, walls, covers, tanks, and tarps.
  • Ensure the support struts, tie-down systems, tanks, doors and seals, hoses, folding ends, locks, and any other major working components of the truck trailer are in good working order.
  • Inspect the condition of the tyres and treads, wheel bearings as well as the axles and suspension.

Having a detailed understanding of the truck trailer you want to buy will ultimately help you to make an educated buying decision.

How to Sell a used Truck Trailer?

When it comes to listing your trailer with Truck & Trailer, make sure that you give your potential buyer as much information about the unit as possible. Buyers don't want to guess and sellers who provide all the relevant information always stand a better chance of selling.

Sell your truck trailer quickly and easily on Truck & Trailer

  1. When it comes to listing your unit, first make sure that it's advertised in the correct category.
  2. Ensure that you provide the correct details of the vehicle, such as make and model, and ensure that your advert describes the key elements associated with the specific trailer you are trying to sell. More common types of trucks and trailers:
  • Curtainside Trailers (Also known as Tautliners)
  • Tipper Trailers
  • Flatbed Trailers (Also known as Flatdeck Trailers)
  • Refrigerated Trailers
  • Tank Trailers
  • Dropside Trailers Each of the above will have its own set of requirements that buyers will want to establish. When selling any of the above, take into consideration the condition of key parts that allow the trailer to function properly.
  1. Sellers should disclose the condition of things like trailer type, floors, walls, covers, tanks, tarps, support struts, tie-down systems, doors and seals, hoses and pipes, folding ends, locks, tyres and treads, wheel bearings as well as the axles and suspension and any other major working components of your specific truck trailer.

Buyers expect to get the information they need to make informed buying decisions and it's the seller's job to provide as much information as possible.

Visit Truck & Trailer for all your commercial marketplace buying and selling needs.

Truck & Trailer - The leading Commercial Marketplace for Trucks, Machinery, and Equipment.

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