How to Buy or Sell a Carry Deck Crane with Truck & Trailer

Date: 09/09/2021


Purchasing or selling reliable construction items such as a carry deck crane can be quite daunting. However, by making use of a renowned, trusted marketing platform such as Truck & Trailer, quality buying and selling is quick and easy.

Truck & Trailer’s user-friendly online marketplace grants buyers and sellers’ easy access to a nationwide network of keen customers constantly in search of quality heavy-duty equipment. Our platform presents diverse purchasing and selling options through our listing platform as well as monthly timed online auctions.

Below we focus on what a carry deck crane is, how it operates, how to find one as well as how customers can buy or sell a carry deck crane on Truck & Trailer.

How to Buy or Sell a Carry Deck Crane with Truck & Trailer

What is a Carry Deck Crane and what are they used for?

A carry deck crane is a highly mobile, compact machine popularly used on industrial and construction worksites. This four-wheel crane houses a 360° rotational boom at its centre and contains an operator's cab, which is located near the boom. The carry deck crane, often referred to as the pick-and-carry crane, contains a flat deck that is located above the wheels of the machine and is ideal for hauling and transporting materials on a construction site. The machine's engine is located at the rear. Despite its compact size, carry deck cranes offer extreme power, are versatile, and excellent at manoeuvrability. Operators mainly opt for this powerful compact machine for lifting equipment as well as manoeuvring tight spaces and low-profile overhead obstructions.

How is a Carry Deck Crane operated?

With pickup and carry weight capacities of over nine tons (vary on the model), these machines are incredibly useful to a worksite. Depending on a project, there are vast uses of a carry deck crane. However, its core use is the hoisting and transporting of material around a site. Due to the machine's outfitted design and fitted hydraulic controls, there is absolute ease and precision when operating.

As with any heavy-duty machinery, safety is of the utmost importance when operating a carry deck crane. It is advised that only certified carry deck crane operators handle the machinery.

How to find a Carry Deck Crane on Truck & Trailer

Despite being an online marketplace with an array of machinery and equipment, locating a carry deck crane can be done with ease.

Once on the Truck & Trailer home page, there are various options on how to locate carry deck crane listings. The first option is selecting the ‘Machinery’ tab located at the top of our website. Once redirected to the category webpage, simply search ‘carry deck crane’ or ‘crane’ and you will then be presented with relevant available listings.

The second option is once on the Truck & Trailer home page, select the Machinery option and select Cranes within Category, all of which is located on the Search block. Additional filters such as application, make, and region are available to ensure the best results are presented to you.

Once on the refined search results, there are further filters to best match up with what you are looking for regarding the make, year model, usage, and price.

Each listing contains further details such as images of the unit, the capacity, condition, mileage and the particulars of the seller.

How to buy a used Carry Deck Crane

Truck & Trailer ensure that buyers have various ways of getting in touch with a dealership/seller. Once you have found your desired carry deck crane on Truck & Trailer, get in touch with the dealer/seller via email, telephone, through social media or send them a message on WhatsApp, whatever method works best for you.

Investing in heavy-duty machinery like a carry deck crane can be quite costly, therefore, it is important that the buyer ensures an inspection of the machine is conducted to establish the condition before committing to the purchase. It is also paramount to establish what the main uses of the machinery will be for your business objective as well as the machine’s capacity to handle the weightlifting and terrain of your projects. When purchasing used machinery or equipment, it is recommended to request records of the service history, frequency of maintenance, repairs, and enquiry about the after-sales services provided by the dealer/seller.

It is suggested to request an inspection of the vehicle as imagery may not do justice to the machinery you are interested in purchasing.

Here are extra things to check when buying a Carry Deck Crane:

  • Inspect the machinery for any stress cracks, especially around the boom mounting
  • Request for the dealer/seller to conduct a load test
  • Be sure to inspect the machine's gearbox for any irregular or inconsistent wear patterns.
  • Ask the dealer/seller for a reason for the sale

How to sell a Carry Deck Crane

Truck & Trailer offers sellers an easy and professional platform to sell machinery and equipment. You can effortlessly manage and monitor the sale of your carry deck crane on our advanced dealer dashboard.

Simply start your selling journey by registering for a dealer account. One of our skilled sales executives will advise you on the best ways to maximise your leads and make a sale. Once a dealer account is set up, simply follow the Truck & Trailer guidelines provided on how to make use of the dealer account and sell your machinery and equipment quickly and smoothly.

It is advisable to provide as much information on the carry deck crane as possible, this information will help to secure a sale. Safeguard by ensuring the following is included in your unit listing: the make, model, price, condition, capacity, hours of use, and year of manufacture is inputted to your unit listing etc.

Choose Truck & Trailer to grow and increase your business sales or browse an array of carry deck crane listings today!

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