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If you’re looking to buy or sell a mechanical road sweeper, you’ve found the right place at Truck & Trailer. Regardless of where you’re located throughout South Africa, Truck & Trailer is the platform to buy or sell a one. With Truck & Trailer, you can buy or sell via the standard listings platform or you can do it directly through a timed online auction.

In this article, we’ll go over what a mechanical road sweeper is and how you can buy or sell one using Truck & Trailer.

How to Buy or Sell a Mechanical Road Sweeper with Truck & Trailer

What is a Mechanical Road Sweeper and what are they used for?

A road sweeper is a piece of machinery used to remove dirt and debris from the road. Typically, there are three different types of road sweepers, namely mechanical road sweepers, vacuum sweepers, and regenerative air sweepers.

Mechanical road sweepers are the oldest of these sweepers dating way back to 1843 when they were drawn by a horse. They differentiate from the other two types of sweepers in that they use mechanical power to push dirt and debris from the path of the road sweeper, instead of air.

How is a Mechanical Road Sweeper operated?

Essentially, a mechanical road sweeper works in a similar way as a person using a broom and dustpan. It utilises brooms mounted on the bottom of the truck to push dirt and debris. These brooms spin in a circular motion pushing the dirt and debris collected toward the middle of the truck then pushing it back.

After the brooms push the dirt and debris toward the back of the mechanical road sweeper, a conveyor belt catches that dirt and debris. This conveyor belt prevents the dirt and debris from being dispersed out and around the truck. Instead, the conveyor belt catches the dirt and debris then brings it further toward the back of the truck, delivering the dirt and debris to a hopper for collection.

The hopper works in the same way as a dustpan when using a broom and dustpan to pick up dirt in that it holds the dirt and debris in place while you collect more dirt and debris. Then, once the hopper is full, the driver of the mechanical road sweeper brings the dirt and debris to a location for disposal in the same way you bring a dustpan to the trash can.

Basically, a mechanical road sweeper speeds up the process of removing dirt and debris and utilises fairly simple mechanisms making them long-lasting machines that have minimal potential points of failure. They also work exceptionally well for removing larger debris as the brooms can provide large amounts of force when moving debris.

How to find a Mechanical Road Sweeper on Truck & Trailer

How to Find a Mechanical Road Sweeper on Truck & Trailer

From the Truck & Trailer home page, you can select the Machinery option on the search block and select Sweeper from the category dropdown list. You can further filter your search by application, make or region if needed.

You can also navigate to the Machinery section on Truck & Trailer and select Sweeper in the category menu. You can then further refine your search by the type of Sweeper you are looking for, the condition, make, price, region, and year of manufacture.

On the search result pages, you will be presented with all the results that match your search criteria. You can open each advert listing where you will find further details about the unit and the seller's contact information.

How to buy a used Mechanical Road Sweeper

Now that you’ve found a mechanical road sweeper you want, you can contact the dealer for more information by calling the number on the advert listing, filling in the form or sending the dealer a WhatsApp.

After contacting the dealer, you can negotiate the pricing of the sweeper, figure out a time to look at the sweeper in person, or simply request more photos. This gives you full control over the buying process so that you can receive as much information as you need to make an informed decision.

When buying a mechanical road sweeper, there are key factors buyers should consider:

  • Establish why the machine is being sold.
  • Try to get some idea of its working past.
  • Understand its maintenance history and establish if it has had any previous damage or mechanical work done to it.
  • Consider if any parts need immediate replacing, what they might cost, and if they are easily sourced.

Extra things to check out if you are a buyer:

As a buyer of a mechanical road sweeper, always make sure you receive adequate photos and information about the sweeper to ensure it is in working condition and as described. You can achieve this by requesting a video of the sweeper in action or by visiting the machine in person.

Here are some details to look out for:

  • Check the brush/broom to make sure it’s in good condition and spins properly
  • Check the pipes and their mechanisms to ensure they work as intended
  • Check the rigidity of the chassis under operation
  • Check the controls to ensure they are functioning properly
  • Check the tyres and tread for wear and tear
  • Check the hours of use to ensure it matches the description provided on the advert
  • Check the general condition of the mechanical road sweeper

How to sell a used Mechanical Road Sweeper?

If you have a mechanical road sweeper you would like to sell, you can do just that by advertising it on Truck & Trailer. To sell a used mechanical road sweeper, you need to register for a dealer account first. Once you have your dealer account, you can follow Truck & Trailer’s guide on how to use your dealer account to sell machinery and other heavy equipment quickly and easily.

When selling your machinery, it is advised that you give as much information as possible about the mechanical road sweeper being sold. Information about the following points will go a long way in helping you to sell your machine.

  1. Sellers must provide all the basic listing information relating to application, make, model, price, hours of use, and year of manufacture.

  2. When it comes to providing a detailed description of the unit, sellers should provide information regarding the following components of the mechanical road sweeper being advertised for sale:

    • The brush/broom
    • The pipes and mechanisms
    • The rigidity of the chassis
    • The controls
    • The tyres and tread - specify wear and tear
    • The hours of use
    • The general condition of the unit

Advertise your mechanical road sweeper for sale on Truck & Trailer today!

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