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A Skid Steer is a relatively versatile and small machine. This piece of equipment is used throughout the commercial industry and is primarily used for digging.

Skid Steers are unique in that their wheels are fixed so they don't drive and turn like most other pieces of commercial equipment. Rotating their wheels in opposite directions allows them to move and turn and this is why they have been named accordingly. They are usually fitted with four wheels but can also come with tracks.

How to buy or sell a Skid Steer | Truck & Trailer

What are Skid Steers used for?

Powerful in nature, these machines can lift and move relatively heavy loads. They are used in various construction and landscaping applications and their arms can be fitted with a range of tools that allow them to perform several tasks. Excavating and digging are their core functions.

How are Skid Steers operated?

Skid Steers are controlled by a single driver who operates all the functions of the machine from a driver's seat located in a cockpit situated behind the front arms. The unit is driven by a conventional engine and gear system, and the front arms are powered by hydraulics, which is also controlled by the driver.

How to find a used Skid Steer on Truck & Trailer

How to find skid steers for sale on Truck & Trailer

The best place to find a used Skid Steer is on Truck & Trailer. As the leading digital marketplace for construction machinery and heavy equipment in South Africa, our website is home to a great number of machines for sale.

From the Truck & Trailer home page, you can use the search block to select your category. You can also filter your search by application, make, and region to help refine where and what you are looking for.

Once you've selected the relevant criteria and clicked search, you will be directed to a search results page where you'll find the equipment you've searched for.

On the search results page, you will be presented with even more filters. The filters available on this page include category, application, condition, make, price, region, year, and max usage. These filters will be available depending on what you've searched for.

You can also search from the machinery page. The machinery page contains a block with the most popular categories listed on our site. If the Skid Steer category is not presented in this block, please select all categories at the bottom of the block or use the search bar at the top to conduct your search.

If you see a Skid Steer you are interested in on the search results pages, click on the listing to view further details about the unit. You will also be provided with several options to contact the seller if you are interested in buying that specific Skid Steer.

How to buy a used Skid Steer

When buying this piece of machinery, there are key factors buyers should consider:

  • Establish why the Skid Steer is being sold.
  • Try to get some idea of its working past.
  • Understand its maintenance history and establish if it has had any previous damage or mechanical work done to it.
  • Consider if any parts need immediate replacing, what they might cost, and if they are easily sourced.

Extra things to check out if you are a buying a Skid Steer:

  1. Check the engine and its components.
  2. Ensure the Skid Steer is running well, is mechanically sound, and has been well maintained.
  3. Check the chassis frame to make sure it's sturdy and reliably holding the arms and load bucket in place.
  4. Ensure you inspect the steering, pedals, and all controls as well as the general condition of the unit.
  5. Where applicable, check the tyres or tracks for wear and tear.
  6. Inspect the bucket and its working parts to ensure it functions properly.
  7. And finally, check the hours of use.

It would be beneficial to have an operator on hand to demonstrate the working order of the Skid Steer to ensure you are making a sound investment.

How to sell a used Skid Steer

When it comes to selling a used Skid Steer, the best place to do so is on Truck & Trailer.

It is advised that as much information as possible is given about the skid steer being sold. Any information about the following points will go a long way in helping you to sell your used Skid Steer:

  1. Sellers must provide all the basic listing information relating to the application, make, model, price, hours of operation, and year of manufacture.

  2. When it comes to providing a detailed description of the unit, sellers should provide information regarding the following components of the unit being sold.

    • The condition of the unit.
    • The engine and its components.
    • Where applicable, the condition of the tracks or tyres and treads.
    • The integrity of the frame and chassis.
    • The steering and controls.
    • The bucket and arm mechanics and hydraulics.
    • And finally, the general condition and structural integrity of the unit.

Contact us today to advertise your Skid Steer on Truck & Trailer. Our expert team is ready to assist you!

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