Important tips for maintaining a drilling rig

Date: 26/04/2022

Drill Rigs

Maintain your drill rig properly and avoid costly damage and unnecessary downtime. From examining the different components to greasing the points, there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure maximum efficiency on your job site. Need a new drill rig? Find an exciting range of equipment for sale on Truck & Trailer today.


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Why is proper maintenance essential?

It’s important to keep your drill rig well maintained because it contributes to the safety of your operations. Proper maintenance also ensures that this equipment delivers high quality and efficient performance. When your drill rig isn’t cared for adequately, it can cause expensive damage to your equipment. Besides the cost of repairs, unexpected downtime will also delay your project and incur additional expenses. Dirty air filters can reduce air circulation, resulting in the engine overheating.

Important Tips for maintaining a drilling rig

Set up a maintenance schedule

Set up a maintenance schedule that includes details of the daily, weekly, and monthly checks that need to be carried out. This makes it easier to monitor what checks have been done and which ones still need to be completed.

Inspect each component

An essential aspect of maintaining a drilling rig is checking all its various components. Take a closer look at the rods, bits, and fluid pumps to ensure that they fit to get the job done. The back reamers and rigs should also be inspected.

Get rid of dust

Dust can result in poor visibility, which decreases efficiency and safety. Start off with a clean windshield and clean it during the day as required. It’s not only the windshield that should be kept clean, make sure that you remove dirt from the tooling. Clean the machine regularly to keep it in good condition.

Check the ground conditions

Make sure that the drill rig is the right equipment for the job at hand. Maintenance can be difficult if the drill rig is not a good match for the ground conditions. Using your equipment incorrectly can damage it and complicate maintenance unnecessarily.

Inspect filters

Take a closer look at the filters to ensure that they’re clean. If the filters become clogged with dust, it reduces air circulation to the engine, which has a negative impact on its performance and may cause damage.

Grease the points

Greasing should be part of your weekly maintenance schedule. The points need to be greased so that they can move properly. Frequent greasing removes dirt and decreases wear and tear.

Warm up the machine

Before the operators start using the machine, it should be warmed up to the optimal temperature. As an additional precautionary measure, they should also examine the work section for safety hazards.

Assess hydraulics

Take a closer look at the hydraulics to ensure that there are no leaks. If there are any problems, fix them before using the equipment. Inspect the mounting bolts and tighten them if necessary. Examine the feed chains and make any adjustments that are required.

Examine drill rods

Drill rods play a vital role in the functioning of your machine. Daily inspections are required so that they are kept in good working order. The rod should be measured to ensure that it matches the manufacturer’s specifications. If the rod has been worn down, replace it so that your drill rig gets the job done efficiently. Avoid using bent rods and choose the right drill rod for the task at hand. Examine the rod for cracks or cuts. Damaged rods should be replaced before using the machine.


Photo by Jp26jp on Pixabay

Now that you know the steps you need to take when maintaining a drilling rig, you can keep your machine in good working order. Find a durable drill rig for sale on Truck & Trailer and enjoy great savings.

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