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In this day and age, it is "digitally critical" for dealership owners, managers, and staff that work in the commercial automotive space to be aware of the kind of information that clients are imparting about their brands and businesses across the host of digital platforms that about 34 million South Africans have access to. For example, Google.

It's relevant because what people say on these platforms can make and sway perceptions that online users are forming about your dealership when they research your business.

Google reviews are probably one of the most critical because Google has very quickly become a part of our daily lives, and most modern consumers rely heavily on the tool for their daily decision making.

And with over 50% of the South African population now online, your digital "first impression" is critical.

What is a Google Review?

A Google review is a tool that allows people to submit a comment about your business online as well as give you a star rating out of 5. These comments and ratings are linked to your Google My Business profile and are visible to the public.

Why are Google reviews good for my commercial automotive business?

Google reviews are great for any commercial automotive business that supplies a great product and service. Satisfied customers may inform other potential clients about the kind of business you run by sharing information about the real-life experiences that they had with your brand or product.

Google loves authenticity, and reviews are a great way to see what people ‘actually’ think about your business. Reviews serve as transparency and have the ability to social proof your business.

"If most people say it's good then other potential customers may concur."

Importance of Google Reviews for Commercial Dealers | Truck & Trailer

What are the benefits of having good Google Reviews for my business?

  • Google Reviews help to build trust, transparency, and authenticity. Reviews can have a big impact on building trust with new customers down the line. Over 80% of digital users research local businesses before they engage with them fully.
  • Google Reviews play a role in your online presence and on your local Search Engine Optimisation. According to Moz, roughly 9% of Google's entire search algorithm is driven by review signals like the ones you'll find in a business' Google Reviews. So if your reviews are bad, Google will be less likely to serve your website as a solution to consumers' online questions or searches.
  • Google Reviews are great for customer feedback and research. Knowing what your customers’ experiences are is valuable information that can be used to make future business decisions. It's great to know what you do well and it's also good to know where you can improve.
  • Having good reviews can improve your website's click-through rate because they will have an impact on what people think about your business. If potential customers enjoy the reviews of others about your business, it might just get them to seek more information and visit your website!

Your online reputation is critical to the digital future success of your business so make sure that you are giving it the focus it deserves!

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