Top tips when buying a commercial vehicle from a dealer

Date: 05/05/2021

Commercial Tips & Advice

When it comes to buying new or used trucks, trailers or yellow machinery from a commercial dealer there are a few things that potential buyers can do to ensure that they don't end up buying something that is not in the working order intended.

Buying commercial equipment can be an expensive purchase for new buyers, and the last thing you want to do is buy something that could potentially cause problems.

Luckily there are tips and tricks you can apply to ensure that you end up buying from a reputable commercial equipment dealer or independent seller.

Research is the foundation. It doesn't cost anything and doesn’t need to take a long time. It is vitally important that you do as much research as possible about the dealership and commercial equipment you are wanting to buy. Websites like Truck & Trailer are filled with reputable dealers who have serviced the South African commercial equipment market for years.

Tips when buying a commercial vehicle from a dealer | Truck & Trailer

What checks can a commercial equipment buyer do to safeguard themselves:

  • Check out their commercial equipment listings and dealer pages to see what information they provide.
  • Check if the dealership has a Google My Business page, as it will have Google reviews attached to it that can also help you understand what the dealership’s reputation is from past customers and their experiences.
  • Check to see if the commercial dealer has any presence on social media channels. In today's world, most legitimate businesses should have some sort of social media presence.
  • Review and compare pieces of commercial equipment that you want to buy. Try to see what similar stock is priced at on other dealers' pages. This will tell you if you’re getting a fair price or not and what the relevant average market price for products could be.
  • Ask for a detailed working history of the commercial equipment and if the stock item has ever incurred any sort of damage.

Once you have the above information, you will be in a better position to make an informed decision about the commercial dealership and commercial vehicles or equipment you are interested in.

Tips when buying a commercial vehicle from a dealer | Truck & Trailer

When at the dealership, make sure you consider the following, to ensure a good purchase:

  • Have the equipment tested by a trained professional, and make sure you try to use the unit under various conditions applicable to the application of the equipment.
  • Make sure you do a full exterior and interior inspection to ensure the unit is in the same condition as advertised.

Performing all of the above will put you in a stronger position to make an informed decision about the commercial equipment you are purchasing.

To view thousands of commercial vehicles and equipment for sale, visit Truck & Trailer today!

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