What a Cherry Picker could mean for your project, farm or business

Date: 19/04/2022

Cherry Pickers

Are you looking for a cherry picker? You can find a second-hand cherry picker for sale on Truck and Trailer. There are numerous advantages to using cherry pickers across a range of sectors. When it comes to lifting equipment, a cherry picker is worth adding to your stock of machinery. You can buy or sell a cherry picker on Truck and Trailer.


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A cherry picker is also referred to as an aerial work platform . The machine is made up of a hydraulic lifting system as well as a bucket. Typically, cherry pickers are mounted onto a truck. A flatbed or trailer can also be used. The bucket is constructed to accommodate one person. It offers a platform for the person to work from. Generally the bucket will contain a second control set that enables the worker to manoeuvre into the optimal position. Some models have an adjustable arm reach along with safety controls. If the cherry picker is used in a constricted space, an articulated boom lift is suitable. Both battery powered and diesel engine models are available. There are pros and cons to using both types of power.

Cherry pickers were first manufactured to optimise fruit picking in orchids. Despite its name, the machine is used to pick a wide range of fruits. The advantage of using this equipment is that it makes it easier for workers to access fruit that is at the top of the trees. Although cherry pickers were originally made for agriculture, they have gained popularity in other sectors. They can be used to service telephone wires and cables. They also serve a purpose in the mining and construction industries.


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Cherry pickers play a role in the international entertainment industry. They are used on television sets to fix huge lights above the set. Cherry pickers can also be used at live shows to create special effects. Note-worthy musicians who have used cherry pickers during their shows include Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber. The machine has also been utilised by Kanye West.

There is a wide range of reliable brands available in South Africa including Mercedes Benz and Hino. Other brands which are available locally include Isuzu, Samil and Dyna. Buying from a reputable brand is advisable as it will save you the hassle of time consuming repairs. If you buy a model which was manufactured by a well-known brand, buying a second hand Cherry picker for sale is a viable option.


Photo by Elsemargriet on Pixabay

With so many advantages to using a cherry picker it is easy to see why numerous South African companies choose to use this equipment. If you are looking for a great deal why not find a Cherry picker for sale on Truck and Trailer?


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