What is a Flatbed Trailer and how do I buy/sell one online? | Truck & Trailer

Date: 05/10/2020

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What is a Flatbed Trailer?

A Flatbed Trailer is a piece of equipment that is used for the transportation of cargo. From machinery to very heavy loads like copper sheets, flatbed trailers are designed to move objects around. Typically constructed from steel, these trailers are synonymous with not having a roof or sides. They are functional in the fact that they don’t have many working parts and they make the loading and unloading of cargo very easy because they can be loaded from multiple angles.

What is a Flatbed Trailer and how do I buy/sell one online? | Truck & Trailer

Available in single, double, and multiple axle models, there is a flatbed trailer to suit most transport needs. Some are also equipped with ramp systems for the loading of moving vehicles and equipment. They also come with a lighting system, brakes, and tyres, among other items.

How to Find a Flatbed Trailer

A simple search on the net will give you options, but the best place to find a flatbed trailer is on www.truckandtrailer.co.za. As the leading online marketplace for commercial vehicles, construction machinery, and heavy equipment in South Africa, our website is home to a great number of flatbed trailers for sale.

Find Flatbed Trailers for Sale on Truck & Trailer

Our trailer category is easy to navigate and our users are presented with several filters so they can find the right trailer for the job. The first step when looking for a trailer is to select the correct tool for the job. Our trailer category is categorised by trailer application and there are over 40 categories to choose from.

To find flatbed trailers, simply select the flat deck option from the applications drop-down menu.

This segment can then be further filtered by condition, make, price, region, and year of manufacture.

When a user selects their filters, the search results are automatically updated in the adverts display window located alongside the navigation bar.

The results served to the users are the most recent results related to the search criteria.

Once a user has reviewed the initial search results, which display the basic relevant information related to the flatbed trailer being sold, they can then select the specific advert to view a more detailed advert listing. This then expands the advert to reveal a full product description, images, and a list of product-relevant specifications or information.

The listing will also show the relevant seller’s contact information.

How to Buy a Flatbed Trailer

When buying a flatbed trailer, there are a few considerations a buyer must factor into their decision-making process.

The following elements must be taken into consideration before a final purchase decision is made:

  • Size: Make sure you are buying a trailer that you are not going to outgrow or something that is not too big for the required job.
  • Load Capacity: Make sure your trailer can carry the load. This is critical to consider when most trailers will have some form of weight restrictions.
  • Axles: The number of axles and the way they are configured on the trailer needs to be taken into consideration. Ensure that each axle can carry the necessary load and also make sure that the axle configuration for the load you are transporting is correct.
  • Tyres: Ensure that the tyres are in good order and that the trailer has the correct number of tyres to ensure it works optimally.
  • Chassis: Inspect the existing main chassis beams and the overall structure of the unit. Cosmetic damage can be overlooked but make sure to check for any signs of damage. Check joints to ensure that the welds are good and that the structure of the trailer is sound.
  • Support struts and tie-downs: Ensure the support struts and tie-down systems are in good working order.
  • Connection points: Check the connection points and pigtails to ensure that when the trailer is connected to a truck tractor, everything is in working order.

How to Sell a used Flatbed Trailer

When it comes to selling a used flatbed trailer, the best place to do this is on Truck & Trailer. As the leading online commercial marketplace, listing your flatbed trailer on our website is a sound option.

When selling a flatbed trailer there, are a number of key factors a seller should cover in their advert listing.

It is advised that as much information as possible is given about the flatbed trailer being sold. Information pertaining to the following points will go a long way in helping you to sell your flatbed trailer.

  1. Sellers must provide all the basic listing information relating to the application, make, model, price, hours of operation, and year.

  2. When it comes to providing a detailed description of the unit, sellers should:

  • Explain the reason for the sale of the flatbed trailer
  • Provide information related to its past working life
  • Detail its current working condition with reference to:
    • The main chassis beams
    • The size and carrying capacity
    • The axles and wheels
    • The general condition of the bed
    • Connection points

Providing this information to your potential buyer will go a long way in assisting them to make an informed buying decision and an easier sales process for the seller.

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