How to build trust with buyers as a private truck or machinery seller

Date: 07/04/2021

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Internet usage increased by 40% in 2020, which means that more and more people are turning to digital platforms to simplify their lives.

Access to the things we want sits at our fingertips, and there is no doubt the pace of change is increasing faster than it ever has before.

The buying and selling of commercial equipment online have become more efficient, and the opportunity for private sellers to offload their commercial equipment to private buyers is becoming a normal way to do business. However, the main concern around private commercial equipment sales remains one of safety.

Build trust as a private truck or machinery seller | Truck & Trailer

How can private commercial equipment sellers build trust with potential online buyers?

It is very important for somebody who's considering selling their truck, trailer or machinery privately to do what they can to ensure a safe and reliable transaction. Being open and honest as a private vehicle seller will go a long way in building trust with a potential buyer, and this could lead to a faster and more profitable sale.

Here are two tips for private commercial equipment sellers:

  1. Consider taking the vehicle or machine to get certified by an independent vehicle assessor. This will give the buyer peace of mind that they are getting what they paid for. Make sure that the potential buyer can get the report verified and that the independent assessor is a legitimate one with a good reputation.
  2. When advertising your commercial equipment, make sure to list all the defects and factors that the buyer would need to be made aware of. Being upfront about the condition of your vehicle is another way to ensure the buyer knows what he's getting and will potentially safeguard you should something go wrong with the vehicle down the line.

Build trust as a private truck or machinery seller | Truck & Trailer

What can commercial equipment sellers do to verify potential buyers?

  1. Sellers must also do their relevant background checks on potential buyers. Ask for proof of identification and try to make sure your buyer is legitimate.
  2. Digital platforms give us access to information about the people we engage with. It is also another point sellers can turn to, to vet their potential buyers to make sure they are who they say they are.

There are risks that we take as private sellers and buyers. But if both parties honestly conduct their business and play by the rules, selling commercial equipment privately will be a very simple and easy task.

Make sure you are cautious as a buyer and seller and be aware of any potential scammers.

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