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Over the years, thousands of adverts have been added to Truck & Trailer by dealers who want to advertise and sell their trucks and machinery. This has become the norm for most dealers who use our platform as their primary marketing tool every month.

As is the case with most industries, the simplicity, and speed that digital platforms provide have changed how businesses advertise their stock, yet some advertisers are still not taking full advantage of this and providing the necessary information in their advert listings.

List your commercial vehicles and equipment on Truck & Trailer

Why are advert listings on Truck & Trailer so important?

An advert listing is the place where a seller will make their first impression about the truck or machine they are selling. If your listings don't provide the buyer with all the information they require, they will simply move on to the next listing and you could potentially lose a sale.

Top tips to help write better advert listings on Truck & Trailer

List your advert with a detailed description and quality images | Truck & Trailer

  1. Treat your listing as if you were talking to a customer:
    When a potential client walks onto your lot or dealership floor, there is a good chance that a sales representative will assist them by providing all the relevant information about a particular truck or machine. Take the opportunity to add these details to your Truck & Trailer listing.

  2. Provide relevant and good-quality images:
    First impressions count. Providing clients with images that show the vehicle in the best way possible can assist in the sale of a truck or machine. Images must be clear and show all the working parts and features of the product. Don't skimp on your photography.

  3. Categorisation on Truck & Trailer:
    So often we find products that have been placed in the wrong categories. This is an absolute no-no and won't help you to sell your truck or machine. In the digital age of instant gratification, buyers are very specific about what they want and need, and if your equipment is not listed in the correct categories, it will take much longer to sell. You can view our full list of categories for Trucks, Machinery, Farming Equipment or Spares by visiting Truck & Trailer and clicking on the category drop-down menu once you have selected either of the main categories mentioned above.

  4. Classifications:
    Our preset filters are included in our advert listings to assist our website users to filter and search for products they want to buy. Make sure to provide the correct make, model, mileage, and regional information when placing an advert on Truck & Trailer.

  5. Product descriptions:
    We have created a product description segment on our advert listings so that sellers can give buyers the necessary information. Simply listing a few selling points about your truck or machine is not going to assist in your sale. The product description is a space where you can go out of your way to provide as much detail and information as possible.
    Rather give too much information than too little and be specific about the item. For example, if there are dents in the tank of your water tanker, make sure you inform the buyer about this in the description. Buyers hate surprises, so rather be honest in your listing descriptions.

Spending time and making sure you are thorough about the information in your advert listings on Truck & Trailer will go a long way in making your adverts stand out from your competitors.

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