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The simple answer is that we don't directly sell commercial vehicle products, heavy equipment products, services & spares. However, what we do provide is a platform for commercial vehicle and heavy equipment dealers or private sellers to advertise their new and used products and the respective services they offer. Therefore, what we sell is the opportunity to market commercial vehicle products, heavy equipment, spares and services to a specific, in-market consumer and business audience across South Africa.

Find Commercial Vehicle Products For Sale on Truck & Trailer

Dealers who are interested in marketing their products can do so within our main categories and fields of expertise.

We also provide access to ongoing and upcoming Truck, Trailer, and Machinery Auctions & Events in South Africa on our website.

What kinds of Commercial Vehicle & Heavy Equipment products can you browse and buy on our site?


We offer a huge variety of trucks on our website, including new and used trucks, body application trucks, trailers and many more, but our most popular categories are as follows:

  1. Box Trucks
  2. Buses
  3. Chassis Cab Trucks
  4. Dropside Trucks
  5. Trailers
  6. Box Trailers
  7. Tanker Trailers
  8. Recovery Trucks
  9. Dump Trucks
  10. Honey Sucker Trucks

Find various Trucks & Other Commercial Vehicle Products For Sale on Truck & Trailer

You can view the trucks section on our website to explore all the various categories of trucks and other commercial vehicle products that are available. Finding trucks, trailers and buses on our website is simple and, with the many categories that we offer, this allows interested in-market consumers to filter by make, category, application, condition, region, dealer, price, year model and maximum mileage.

With comprehensive product listing detail pages that are complemented by images, finding a suitable commercial vehicle product like trucks, is simple!

Heavy Equipment and Construction Machinery

Like trucks, we have a huge variety of Heavy Equipment and Construction Machinery listed on our website. Some of those categories are as follows:

  1. ADTs
  2. Rollers
  3. Graders
  4. Cranes
  5. Backhoe Loaders
  6. Cherry Pickers
  7. Compressors
  8. Concrete Mixers
  9. Skidsteers
  10. TLBs

Find various Heavy Equipment & Construction Machinery Products For Sale on Truck & Trailer

The above only scratches the surface, there are many more categories you can explore under the machinery section of our website. You can filter down the options based on the categories, applications, condition, make, price, region, manufacturing year, maximum usage and dealer.


We have various advertisers selling spares and parts related to the trucking and machinery industries listed on our website. Under the spares section, you will find the following options:

Let's explore each one of them in more detail:

Truck Spares and Parts

You can find various truck spares, parts and components in South Africa listed on Truck & Trailer. Have a look at the list of some components below:

  1. Axles
  2. Cooling Systems
  3. Gearboxes
  4. Tyres
  5. Steering Components
  6. Hubs and Wheels
  7. Seals and O-Rings
  8. Clutches and Pedals
  9. Brake Systems
  10. Suspensions

You can explore all the other categories under the spares section on the website. Here you can also filter according to the components, sub-components, brand, and region.

Trailer Spares and Parts

Trailer spares and parts like Trailer Clamps, Air Bellows, Spacers, Wheel Bolts, Trailer Brake Drums, Disks and more are available from different spares dealers on our site. You can filter according to components, sub-components, brand, and region.

Find Truck and Truck Trailer Spares and Parts For Sale on Truck & Trailer

Bus Spares and Parts

Similar to the truck spares and parts section, Bus Spares like Engines, Axles, Fuel Systems and more are available on Truck & Trailer. Here you can also filter according to components, sub-components, brand, and region.

Heavy Equipment and Construction Machinery Spares and Parts

Heavy Equipment and Construction Machinery Spares and Parts include Hydraulic Parts, Bearings, Engines, Filters, Sensors and more. Truck & Trailer offers various spares, parts and components from top Heavy Equipment and Construction Machinery spare dealers in South Africa.

Services (Spares Suppliers)

Under the Services (Spares Suppliers) section, you are able to find a list of dealers offering spares and services. All of these dealers are categorised into the different spares products you are looking for in the area of your choice.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

You can also apply for commercial vehicle insurance on our site. If you are in the trucking business, you know that commercial vehicles are an expensive commodity. It is therefore important to protect your business's most valuable assets with commercial vehicle insurance.

According to OUTsurance on Truck & Trailer, the importance of commercial vehicle insurance is to protect you from any expenses incurred and to provide you cover for damages or loss. Commercial vehicle insurance covers your business vehicles for repair and replacement, including your company's liability if you or your drivers cause an accident involving these vehicles.

As the biggest commercial vehicle marketplace in South Africa, we are constantly expanding on the types of commercial vehicle and heavy equipment products, spares and services listed on our website offering better user experiences and the ability for our in-market consumers to find exactly what they are looking for.

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